Technology Partners

Check out these integrations, making our access control platform the hub of a complete security management system.

Product LinePartner CategoryPartnerPartner ProductIntegration Details
Hirsch VelocityVideo3VR by IdentivVision Point VMSDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoAmerican DynamicsIntellex 5.00.74 DVRDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoAmerican DynamicsVideo Edge NVR PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoCiscoVideo Surveillance Manager 7.8Download PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoGenetecSecurity Center 5.5Download PDF
ICPAM 3.1Data CenterLeGrandeRacks and CabinetsDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoMilestoneXprotect EnterpriseDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoMobotixDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoOnSSIOcularis 5.2Download PDF
ICPAM 3.1Data CenterPanduitRacks and CabinetsDownload PDF
ICPAM 3.1Data CenterRittalRacks and CabinetsDownload PDF
ICPAM 3.1Data CenterSouth CoRacks and CabinetsDownload PDF
Hirsch VelocityVideoVerintNextivaDownload PDF


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