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uTrust Secure Access Credentials

uTrust Secure Access Credentials

Designed for converged access, providing users with a single credential to access buildings and/or IT systems.

uTrust Secure Access Credentials protect identities from door (physical access control) to data (logical access control). Based on digital certificates, Identiv’s portfolio provides trusted authentication, digital signatures, secure remote access, desktop login, and data encryption.

uTrust SmartID 80K Smart Card with 125 kHz Proximity
P/N: 02-004C

Ideal for converged access

uTrust SmartID 80K CL-Only Smart Card with 125 kHz Proximity
P/N: 02-006C

Dual interface card solution for contactless applications

uTrust SmartID 80K Smart Card with MIFARE DESFire EV1 4K
P/N: 20-001

High-assurance card with support for DESFire applications

uTrust SmartID 80K SIM Punched Out
P/N: 02-002

Contact-only card for use in portable devices (i.e., USB tokens)

For physical access control, these credentials can combine high-frequency (ISO/IEC 14443/13.56 MHz) and low-frequency (125 kHz) technologies, leveraging different industry protocols such as proximity, PKI at the door, PIV, Card Authentication Key (CAK), PLAID, and others into a single form factor. Identiv also builds specific credentials in formats and configurations that are compatible with the majority of physical access control systems (PACS) systems on the market today.

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