Thursby Sub Rosa Mobile Browser PDF Signing

Sign and Edit PDFs On-the-Go

Our new Sub Rosa in-app purchase lets you sign and edit PDFs, keeping you moving.

Yes, it’s here. Our Thursby Sub Rosa mobile browser now offers PDF signing to keep customers on-the-go. The new in-app purchase gives U.S. armed forces, federal agencies, and commercial customers the ability to digitally sign documents on their phone or tablet from any location.

By using secure CAC and PIV-based certificates, documents are securely and officially signed, giving government personnel the ability to do critical approvals and sign forms anywhere, anytime.

  • Securely edit and sign PDFs on-the-go
  • Available on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Made for commercial smart card users or derived credentials users
  • Simple in-app purchase
  • Regularly $10/month, or $60/year for limited time

"This app combined with a Thursby CAC reader revolutionized my experience with daily access to mail (including encrypted) and other CAC enabled sites. I recommend it to all my colleagues to simplify their lives and anyone who has gotten the app and reader completely agrees. Now with the ability to fill and digitally sign a PDF!! Home run. I’d be remiss not to mention the fantastic support team who has quickly addressed any issues that have come up over the last years."

“I can sign my orders and apply for cross-training on my phone for $60 a year? That’s a no-brainer.”
Sr. Airman, USAF

“When you need to move quickly on mission-critical assignments, every second counts. Sub Rosa’s new PDF-signing ability is exactly what every member of the armed forces has been asking for, and what they need to simply and securely get their jobs done.”
Robin R. Braun, retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral and Identiv Board Member

“We’ve heard time and time again that someone’s life would be so much easier if they could just hand their device to their boss for a quick signature while passing each other in the hallway. And we’re here to make that dream a reality.”
Steve Dunlap, Thursby President