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uTrust 2500
Contact Smart Card Reader/Writer Module Family

uTrust 2500 R with Enhanced ESD and uTrust 2500 F with upgradable firmware supporting ISO/IEC 7816, USB CCID, PC/SC, and Microsoft WHQL, seamlessly integrate with virtually all contact smart cards and PC operating systems.

What Is SmartOS™?

Identiv-specific SmartOS™ firmware supports in-field upgrades through onboard flash memory. It features easy and complete support for all major contact smart cards. And most importantly, it secures the future of your investment. Don’t let the tech evolution leave you behind.

Why We Love It

  • Ultra-compact, robust, and easy-to-integrate
  • Supports all major smart card ICs and technologies
  • Fast transaction time means maximum end-user acceptance
  • SmartOS™ powered

Why You Need It

  • Smart metering
  • Vending and dispensing machines
  • Printers
  • Payment devices
  • e-Service kiosks
  • High-security federal government use cases

Why We Love Identiv’s uTrust 2500 R Internal Module

Ready to integrate and fit your needs, Identiv’s OEM modules are ideal for third-party applications.

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