SCM3712 Contactless Reader Board Family

SCM3712 is a set of ISO14443-compliant compact contactless smart card reader boards that support NFC and embedded payment apps.

Identiv SCM3712 Contactless Reader Board Family

Looking for a reader board that supports NFC?This one is great for kiosks, event ticketing, retail loyalty, vending, and public transport.

Peer-to-Peer NFC

  • Combo of contactless reader and NFC peer-to-peer capability
  • Transforms mobile phone to a smart credential
  • Ideal for loyalty couponing and point redemption
  • Supports cards, tokens, key fobs, and NFC devices

Compact, Compliant, and Quick

  • Sized for space restrictions
  • ISO14443 A/B, FeliCa, and NFC supported
  • PC/SC-compliant driver for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Optimized, fast transaction times

Compatibility Meets Flexibility

  • Compatible with Identiv SCL reader and token family
  • Developers can reuse and expand upon existing integrations
  • On-the-fly tag personalization
  • Available with optional NFC solutions development kit

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