Multi-ISO High Frequency Smart Card Reader with or without Keyboard Emulation

Identiv’s innovative, cost-efficient Multi-ISO High-Frequency (HF) desktop and OEM reader supports contactless ISO 14443 and 15693, and utilizes existing PC/SC for standard USB.

Support for this legacy product is limited. Please consider upgrading to our next-generation, multi-ISO, HF uTrust 3720 F.

Look towards the future. You won’t get stuck in a rut with this scalable, upgradeable, application-compatible desktop solution.

The Endless List of Use Cases

  • Physical and logical access
  • Transportation and event ticketing
  • POS, terminals, and vending machines
  • Tag personalization stations
  • Printers and other PC peripherals
  • Library and other campus applications
  • Car rentals
  • Industrial markets
  • And anything else in your imagination…

Support for HF Transponders

This reader supports Atmel, EM, ST, TI, and NXP, including MIFARE, DESFire EV1, and Ultralight C. It also connects with NFC devices in tag emulation mode and contactless microcontroller cards, JCOP.

Let’s Talk About That Optional Keyboard

In contrast to a traditional PC/SC chipcard reader, this reader can provide a USB CCID-compliant interface with an USB human interface device (HID) keyboard emulation function, enabling the reader to read the unique identifier (UID) and chip serial number (CSN) of any ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, and ISO 15693 passive RFID tag and paste it as a string at the cursor position into any host application (i.e., browser, email, Word/Excel document, etc.)

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