iAuthenticate™ 2.0

Identiv’s iAuthenticate™ 2.0 is an iOS smart card reader designed for Apple® iPhone®, iPhone Plus®, iPad Air®, and iPad Pro®.

It’s Ready

iAuthenticate 2.0 is designed to work with Apple® iPhone®, iPhone Plus®, iPad Air®, and iPad Pro®. It supports standard ISO 7816 smart cards issued by the U.S. government, including PIV and CAC. And it’s compatible with middleware applications (not included) for secure access to web-based email, portals, and collaboration sites authenticated to CAC, PIV, or other approved smart cards.

It’s Ruggedized

  • Ruggedized, physical protection for devices meets strong two-factor authentication and security for data
  • Enables the use of smart cards to eliminate complex passwords and password management
  • Opens the mobile application market to develop apps supporting smart cards and their benefits
  • Includes the added security of two-factor authentication — something the user knows (PIN) and something the user has (smart card)
  • Doubles up as a desktop CCID smart card reader and can be used with Windows, MacOS and Linux machines via the microUSB port (cable not included)
  • Reader and card sit behind the iPhone, offering maximum operational convenience for the user

It Rules

  • Supports BYOD (bring your own device)
  • Securely access corporate resources, including email, files, and data
  • Protects government agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD), featuring support for CAC and PIV credentials on mobile devices
  • Supports existing PKI for authentication, encryption and decryption, and digital signature with associated applications

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