Hirsch ScramblePad Reader Family

Hirsch ScramblePad keypad readers are a family of access control products that provide high-security functionality with our patented scrambling of the illuminated keypad digits (FICAM migration optional).

ScramblePad Choices

Identiv TS ScramblePad

TS ScramblePad

For easy FICAM compliance, offers a choice of RS-485 (OSDP) or PoE, with legacy Wiegand support, or 8236 for agencies currently using RS-HIRSCH and preparing for FICAM

Identiv ScramblePad TS

ScramblePad TS

Offers LF and HF card compatibility and features a built-in MATCH Board, interfacing with all RS-HIRSCH systems

Identiv ScramblePad


This keypad-only design is ideal for simple PIN-only building access

TS ScramblePad SC

TS ScramblePad SC

Includes embedded contact smart card reader

Random Scrambling for High Security

The ScramblePad design is ideal for the world’s most secure locations. Its high-security scramble feature randomly orders digits each time the “START” button is pressed. The random scrambling prevents stealing a user code via pattern recognition, and also prevents keypad wear that leaves a tell-tale impression of the numbers used in a valid PIN. Plus, viewing restrictors narrow the field of vision and only the person directly facing the ScramblePad can see the presented digits.

Compatible and Compliant

  • Supports PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, PLAID, legacy credentials (DESFIRE, MIFARE, UID), and proximity
  • Versatile platform that transitions seamlessly and simultaneously for FICAM-certified validation systems
  • Compatible with Wiegand, RS-485, Ethernet, and Hirsch

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