Freedom Access Control

Identiv’s IT-centric, cyber-secure Freedom Access Control system uses encryption bridges at the network edge to communicate with onsite and geo-distributed software.

Identiv Freedom Access Control

It’s time to rethink PACS… And consider an innovative, IT approach to access control.

Webinar: Cyber-Centric Access Control

Security in the healthcare industry is evolving. Learn how the IoT, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud, and mobility are impacting security at hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.
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Webinar: IT-Centric Campus Security

The IoT is changing the security industry and impacting K-12 and higher education. It’s time to adopt campus-wide, cyber-centric, easy-to-use, open-architecture access control and video solutions. Access our on-demand webinar to learn how to secure your campus today.
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The Best of the Best

When it comes to protecting our nation, it’s our duty to provide the best, frictionless access control and authentication solution. That’s why it’s no surprise that Freedom has won a Platinum 2019 ASTORS Homeland Security Award and a Gold 2020 Govies Award from Security Today.

Software-Defined Architecture

Freedom by Identiv Access Control is based on a software-defined architecture (SDA) that advances and leverages the already powerful web-scale-based applications. SDA makes it possible to change the underlying software easily without affecting the rest of the system. SDA aligns with migration from hardware-driven to software-driven architectures embraced by IT departments and IT infrastructure providers and the current trend to leverage IoT and cloud.

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Better Together:
Physical and Logical Access Control

Centralized databases can operate independently or be connected to an IDMS (identity management system), such as Active Directory, unifying physical access control and logical security management within the IT infrastructure.

Five Reasons You Need Freedom

  1. Software-defined physical security perimeter: Eliminates complex control panel configurations and replaces them with technology that communicates over encrypted IP-network protocols
  2. Highly secure and reliable: Uses advanced encryption technology to eradicate security vulnerabilities
  3. Open-platform design: Enables rapid and cost-efficient integration to any relevant infrastructure
  4. Accessible anytime, anywhere: Monitor and grant access 24/7 via any web browser
  5. FICAM compliant: Fully compliant with the U.S. government’s FIPS-201 standard and HSPD-12 initiative

What’s New with Freedom 11.0?

  • Email Notifications
    Emails can now be generated via door held open, door forced open, and user-defined port triggered actions
  • Multi-Master
    Architecture allows each database instance to perform both read and write operations; multi-master replication provides the ability to administer the system in a failover event, offering a seamless transition between master and secondary replication nodes
  • Home Site
    Expands Freedom’s viability as an ACaaS/SaaS model platform, implementing more granularity in the partitioning/segmentation of a Freedom user (card holder) record; with this feature, site administrators are limited to the users they can manage and view

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