Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM)

Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) is a software platform developed to utilize Cisco’s industry-leading IP networking technology to connect and manage Identiv’s award-winning physical access hardware.

ICPAM EOS and EOL Announcement Identiv has formally announced the end-of-sale (EOS) and end-of-life (EOL) of Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM). Please refer to the ICPAM EOL bulletin page for details on important milestones and dates.

Better Together

Identiv and Cisco have joined forces to deliver a low-cost, intelligent access control solution, leveraging existing Cisco networks to allow monitoring and information exchange between devices. ICPAM tightly integrates with Cisco’s suite of Connected Safety and Security products and features support for our award-winning Hirsch Mx Controllers. It can configure controllers and readers, monitor activity, enroll users, create identification badges, and integrate with security and IT applications and data stores.

Take Action

  • Connect
    Supports Cisco’s legacy Gateway and Identiv’s EM-100 single door controller, multi-door Hirsch Mx Controllers, and Hirsch Mx-1 PoE single door controller
  • Protect
    Lets you manage a schedule for unlocking building doors and indicate who can enter
  • Detect
    Integrates with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager to increase situational awareness by automatically tagging video when someone swipes an access card
  • Respond
    Enables remotely controlled lockdowns to isolate incidents

Fresh Features

  • Intelligent IP edge devices integrated into existing systems
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) single-door and Hirsch multi-door controller support
  • 256-bit AES encrypted point-to-point communication
  • Device pre-provisioning support and web services API

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