3VR Prime System as a Service

Identiv’s 3VR Prime is a video management system (VMS) as a service solution, giving users world-class, enterprise, fully scalable, analytics-integrated hardware and software with free access to the latest updates, perpetual hardware refresh, and full technical support.

The Industry’s First VMS as a Service

What if your video management system (VMS) didn’t have an end of life? 3VR Prime is the industry’s first complete VMS service that provides you with the hardware, software, support, and confidence that your system will always be up-to-date.

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3VR Prime Evolves with Your Business

Whether you have a nine-camera or 200-camera site, whether you have one site or thousands, Identiv’s innovative system as a service solution is for you. 3VR Prime evolves as you evolve. Add cameras to a site, add more sites, add analytics to cameras, or connect more sites to your server at any time — your subscription grows with your business.

Identiv Keeps Your VMS Cybersecure

The operating environment on all 3VR appliances is fully locked down. That means no malware can be installed. As new OS patches become available from the developer, those patches are instantly at your IT team’s fingertips. At the same time, your security team has access to any and all software updates during the life of your 3VR Prime system.

Lower IT Costs and Responsibilities

  • Lower upfront cost
    No upfront hardware or software investment
  • Lower upkeep
    All hardware is always under warranty
  • Up-to-date
    All software and OS updates are included
  • Future-proof
    If hardware becomes unrepairable or obsolete, we’ll replace it for free
  • Make it yours
    3VR Prime scales with your business
  • Leverage your investment
    Use your existing client hardware

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