Network and Hybrid Recorders

3VR by Identiv's HVRs and NVRs record, store, index and manage video.

Identiv Network and Hybrid Recorders

Everything You Need. In A Box. Run search and video analytics, integration tools and powerful applications.

Choose your Video Recorder

3VR by Identiv 1100 Series Network Video Recorder

1100 Series

Easy to install, set up and use, the 1100-Series NVRs are an efficient and affordable solution for powering small installations.

3VR by Identiv 2100 Series Network Video Recorder

2100 Series

Designed with financial institutions in mind, the 2100-Series NVR for ATM is a powerful recorder in a compact case.

3VR by Identiv 3100 Series Network Video Recorder

3100 Series

The 3100-Series NVRs are a combination of performance and value in a desktop form factor for small to medium-sized installations.

3VR by Identiv 4100 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorder

4100 Series

Designed to fit your security needs, 4100-Series NVRs and hybrid NVRs are a powerful and versatile work-horse solution for medium-sized installations.

3VR by Identiv 5600 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorder

5600 Series

The 5600-Series NVRs and hybrid NVRs are unmatched when high performance and scalability are required for medium to large installations.

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