Expansion Boards

Identiv’s Alarm Expansion Board (AEB8) expands the line module input capacity of a controller. The Relay Expansion Board (REB8) expands the control relay capacity of M-Series Controllers.

Identiv Expansion Boards

Modular. High performance. And simple. Expansion boards get the job done.

Eight Additional Line Module Inputs with AEB8

Why do you need eight more line module inputs? For intrusion detection applications, expansion line module inputs typically monitor interior motion sensors and perimeter doors and windows for forced entry or intrusion into a protected area. AEB8 features up to 40 expansion inputs and less than two second response time with contact, tamper, motion, and line supervision. Plus, AEB is simple to use with any Hirsch end-of-line module (MELM 1, 2 , or 3).

Eight Additional Dry Relay Outputs with REB8

REB8 provides eight additional socketed and removable two AMP form C dry relay outputs, rated for 24VDC. Up to five REB8s can be installed in a Hirsch Mx, M2, M8, or M16 Controller*. And up to 40 expansion relays can be used to monitor elevators, sounders, intrusions, and shooters. Unlike the large heavy-duty door relays used to switch electric locks or strike power at ten AMP loads, the expansion relays are normally used for signal level switching or pilot duty.

*REB8 cannot be installed in an M64.

Product Collateral for Expansion Boards

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