RFID Library Labels

Identiv’s RFID Library Labels include a complete range of tags for item tracking and data capture in the education industry.

Move over, Dewey Decimal.In today’s tech-savvy libraries, our RFID tags make item tracking a cinch.

Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, and RFID

Our RFID Library Labels (or tags) truly support the evolving education industry with automatic data capture and item tracking functionality. Radio frequency identification (RFID) can simplify self check-in/check-out, library article return, product sorting, theft prevention, and queue busting. We’ve got options for all media used in the education field, like books, CDs, DVDs, laptops, and tablets.

A Bookshelf Full of Benefits

  • Complete compatibility with existing infrastructures
  • Usable by major libraries worldwide
  • Quality label with 100% testing
  • Comprehensive set of options available for customization (i.e., barcode, printing, or encoding)

Pick a Form Factor

Identiv Book Label Square

Book Label Square

P/N: L29XADIA0470
Convenient square form factor, ideal for book return

Identiv Book Label Rectangle

Book Label Rectangle

Convenient rectangle form factor, ideal for book return

Identiv CD Label

CD Label

Used for CDs

Identiv DVD Label

DVD Label

P/N: I00PADIA9118
Used for DVDs

Identiv TOM® (Tag On Metal) Media Label

TOM® (Tag On Metal) Media Label

P/N: L15FADIJ1801
Label with metallic backing to monitor electronic devices

Antenna Designs

Additionally, we offer custom designs on demand.

Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 85 56 Alu A331
76x45 79 48 Alu A265
60x25 75 35 Alu A305
50x50 58 60 Alu A286
47x47 55 56 Alu A421
42x22 48 40 Alu A292
39x39 48 48 Alu 	A255
38x28 48 46 Alu A455
33x15 48 30 Alu A220
25x60 32 64 Alu A306
22.5x38 35 48 Alu A426
15x33 45 45 Alu A296
14.5x14.5 25.4 35 Cu A366
10x20 25.4 35 Cu A354
Dia34 48 48 Alu A422
Dia25 35 34 Alu A365
Dia25 35 35 Cu A363
Dia23 35 35 Alu A458
Dia20 30 35 Cu A385
Dia18 25.4 35 Cu A479
Dia15 25.4 35 Cu A482
Dia12 25.4 35 Cu A410
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
60x15 75 35 Alu A432
9x45 35 60 Alu A408
Dia20 35 34 Alu A341
Dia18 35 34 Alu A362
Dia13 25.4 35 Cu NA
Dia9 20 35 Cu NA
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 79 48 Alu A315
40x40 48 48 Alu A311
40x20 48 46 Alu A320
18x18 35 34 Alu A358
10x17 25.4 35 Cu A451
10x20 25.4 35 Cu A474
Dia34 48 48 Alu A312
Dia25 35 34 Alu A335
Dia20 30 35 Cu A480
Dia18 25.4 35 Cu A481
Dia15 25.4 35 Cu A428
Dia12 25.4 35 Cu A472
Dia9 20 35 Cu A456
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 80 48 Alu A395
76x45 79 48 Alu A270
38x38 48 48 Alu A242
Dia36 48 48 Alu A260
Dia30 48 48 Alu A252

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