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RFID Tickets

RFID Tickets

Disposable, multi-use and reusable single, fan-fold form factor.

RFID tickets are an ideal form factor for authentication and access control in transportation, event venues, and other environments for user convenience and high-volume applications dealing with travelers (e.g., transit), visitors (e.g., corporations), or spectators (e.g., concerts). Identiv's durable tickets with RFID inlays and labels are provided in a wide range of form factors and sizes, though are typically rectangular or square.

Regarding customization, the front and back side of each ticket can be graphically personalized for specific customer branding, RFID-chip encoding services, multi-frequency RFID in a single transponder, special effects, or other security features.

Identiv's portfolio features an wide range of RFID chips that include support for the most common RFID standards: ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC18000-3, or ISO18006-C EPC Gen2, including NFC Type 1, 2, 3, and 4. Adhesive labels are available with all major chip suppliers, including NXP, Infineon, Inside Secure, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, EM Microelectronics, Alien Technology, Impinj, Sony Felica, and others.

Typical Applications

  • Mass transportation
  • Access control
  • ID and authentication
  • Events (e.g., ski-lift ticketing, stadiums, concerts, amusement parks, etc.)


  • Leveraging quality and performance from Identiv’s inlays
  • Flat surface guarantee: No module bump noticeable from ticket surface
  • Integrating various standard and special production materials (e.g., high-temperature requirements, chemical exposure, or mechanical stress)
  • Flexible design: Using customized antenna design and dimensions and materials including paper, thermal direct paper, and PET (other options available by request)
  • Production volumes with convenient order limits
  • RFID-chip programming options (available at a premium cost)