uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch

Identiv’s uTrust SafeTemp wearable NFC-enabled body temperature measurement patch supports the reopening of public venues and simplifies patient monitoring by government and healthcare workers.

  • Security Today 2020 New Product of the Year Award

The world is waking up. And with NFC, the new normal is easier than you think.

Security Today 2020
New Product of the Year Award

Security Today magazine has recognized Identiv’s uTrust SafeTemp body temperature measurement patch with the 2020 New Product of the Year Award in the Wearables category. “New products and technologies are the backbone of the security industry; however, with the pandemic affecting everyone these days, businesses have been in survival mode,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine. “The products we have seen entered in this year’s competition are best of the best.”

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Measuring Personal Temperature Curves with SafeTemp

Identiv’s uTrust SafeTemp patch is a wearable near field communication (NFC)-enabled transponder that supports the reopening of public spaces, including theme parks and stadiums, and helps operators keep attendees and employees comfortable, confident, and safe. The new solution combines the simplicity of using NFC and the smart technology potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), making body temperature monitoring easier than ever.

How to Apply the Patch

uTrust SafeTemp is most accurately read when applied under the upper arm, features skin friendly, water-resistant adhesive, and can be worn for multiple days. For instant temperature measurements, tap the passive patch with any NFC-enabled smartphone. The positioning of the patch allows temperature measurement close to the body yet keeps the readout as simple as possible.

Clinical-Grade, High-Accuracy Sensor

For clinical-grade applications, uTrust SafeTemp can be combined with a high-accuracy temperature sensor, which follows the ASTM E1112 Standard for Electronic Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature. An active battery version has been developed for customers who need to track body temperatures over a longer period of time without tapping. Attached to the body, it can track temperature measurements over multiple days and store the data in the cloud or in an offline application.

COVID-19 Monitoring Solution

Global governments and healthcare workers can utilize either the passive or active version for quarantined citizens, employees, or patients testing positive for COVID-19. Monitored via the cloud, temperature measurements can be assessed without sending someone to take a reading in-person. However, if a patient’s condition suddenly grows worse, healthcare personnel can be immediately alerted.

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