UHF Tags

Identiv’s UHF Tags portfolio features high-performance RFID designs for applications requiring long read distances.

Passive tags that pack a big punch.Our long-distance UHF Tags catalog includes different dimensions and form factors, like dry or wet inlays with adhesive backing or labels, that target different environments, like plastic, wood, or even physical human and animal bodies.

Did You Know?

Ultra high frequency (UHF) transponder technology uses the radio wave frequency spectrum, allowing reading distances of several meters (equivalent to several dozen feet), depending on the size of the tags and the operating power transmitted by the UHF reader. Identiv’s UHF designs leverage our extensive expertise in radio frequency identification (RFID) deployments, are designed to outperform existing solutions available on the market, and are frequency tuned for specific environmental constraints. We also offer dual-frequency tags (UHF+HF) for support in a variety of applications, including near field communication (NFC) with high frequency (HF) interface.

Real World Applications

  • Supply chain and inventory management (i.e., tires, agricultural, etc.)
  • Asset and personnel tracking (i.e., pallets, containers, runners, electronic devices, employees, etc.)
  • Logistics
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
  • Consumable authentication using TID as serial number
  • Real-time location systems (RTLS) using 3D orientation insensitive design
  • Gate and perimeter access control
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare (i.e., medical warehouse tracking, hands-free environments, emergency personnel, etc.)
  • Entertainment and travel (i.e., baggage tagging, traveler identification on cruise lines, etc.)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) enablement
  • Apparel and retail

Find Your Form Factor

Identiv 3D Dry Inlay

3D Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXXZ70440
For applications including RTLS, asset, or personal tracking

Identiv LWood Wet Inlay

LWood Wet Inlay

P/N: I00PADZ90950
Designed for wood environments and asset tracking during manufacturing or logistics

Identiv RWood Wet Inlay

RWood Wet Inlay

P/N: LZ1XADZ89030
Ideal for wood environments and applications like asset tracking and logistics

Identiv Body Wet Inlay

Body Wet Inlay

P/N: I00PADUB0070
Optimal performance for applications on or close to an animal or person’s physical body, like marathon runners or emergency personnel

Identiv Glass Label

Glass Label

P/N: L??PADUB0450
Reserved for glass (i.e, water, wine, or other spirits) and windshields and includes tamper-proof feature

Identiv ComboHF Dry Inlay

ComboHF Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXX#20440
Dual-frequency (UHF+HF) with support for multi-frequency RFID and smart card applications for PVC and/or composite ID1 card construction

Identiv DetectL Dry Inlay

DetectL Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXXU90880
Inlay with tamper loop for applications requiring detection of an event, such as the opening of a box, container, or envelope, or detection of a seal breakage

Identiv StackUp Dry Inlay

StackUp Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXXUB0302
Designed for applications requiring counting/reading of documents or items stacked on top of each other, including reading identification documents

Identiv GenDipole Dry Inlay

GenDipole Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXXUB0110
Generic optimized design for plastic or cardboard environments, including supply chain management and brand protection

Identiv Sawblade Dry Inlay

Sawblade Dry Inlay

P/N: I00XXXUB0240
Generic optimized design for plastic or cardboard environments, including supply chain, logistics, and industrial

Antenna Designs

Additionally, we offer custom designs on demand.

Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern UHF IC
90x30 110 50 Alu A477 NXP
UCode G2iM+
88x25 40 110 Alu A490 NXP
UCode G2iM+
47x27 60 40 Alu A447 NXP
UCode G2iM+
44x76 57 92 Alu A436 NXP
UCode G2IM
44x44 48 48 Alu A446 Impinj
30x50 48 60 Alu A437 NXP
24x94 30 120 Alu A488 NXP
UCode7 & Impinj Monza6P
16x26 25.4 35 Alu A447 Impinj
11x93 20 120 Alu A487 NXP
UCode7 & Impinj Monza6P
4.6x95 20 120 Alu A440 Impinj
Monza R6P
Dia29.5 41.275 85 Alu A441 Impinj
Monza 6P

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Case StudyS+P Samson GmbH Case Study

Every day, in every hospital, thousands of medical instruments have to be sterilized. Identifying these tools by RFID makes it easier for hospitals to keep track of the number of sterilization cycles and to accurately monitor instrument lifetime. S+P Samson GmbH partnered with Identiv to engineer the UHF RFID inlay for its extremely thin, small label that sticks on stainless steel and plastics, like medical instruments.

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