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bitse.io Optics

Tag anything. Track everything. Unlock the digital marketing ecosystem and experience the power of bitse.io analytics, from tracking to insights, in one place.

Reach Deeper Brand Engagement with bitse.io

bitse.io provides an end-to-end experience that enables deeper brand engagement, detailed product track and trace, and ROI analytics throughout the entire lifecycle. Our analytics suite offers a full set of tools and data dashboards that can be customized to showcase data by location, company, or product. With bitse.io, you can take your brand engagement to the next level.

Powerful Insights and Flexible Tools

bitse.io offers a comprehensive analytics suite that lets you track, analyze, and optimize your brand engagement. Our powerful insights can help you identify opportunities, maximize ROI, and make informed decisions. With a full set of flexible tools, you can customize dashboards to showcase data by location, company, or product. Experience the power of bitse.io analytics and unlock deeper brand engagement today.

Data Feature Highlights

 Total Taps – Total number of taps on the NFC tags  Users – Breakdown of New vs. Returning
 Unique Users – Number of unique users that tapped on tags  Device Vendor– Breakdown of phone vendor
 Tapped Tags – Number of tags that have been tapped  Browser – Breakdown of browser used
 Regions – Number of regions that had tapping  Total Tags by Day of Week – Heat map of tapped tags by day and hour
 Map of Tapped Tags – Interactive map showing location of tags tapped  Tag Type – Breakdown of NFC vs. QR code for experiences that have both
 Experience – Graph of experiences accessed by tap  OS – Operating system of the phone
 Lot – Graph of Lot accessed by tap  User by Tap Frequency– User by number of times tapped
 Experience Type – Breakdown of Menu vs. Sequence  

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