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Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags

For environmentally conscious enterprises, Identiv’s Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags are part of a sustainable IoT ecosystem aimed to protect the planet with the industry’s lowest carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags

For organizations that use or embed radio frequency identification (RFID) technology — but are struggling with improving the ecological footprint of their supply chain — it’s time to learn more about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going green.

Identiv’s Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags are non-etched, paper-based inlays that reduce the traditional use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based substrates and byproducts. The tags are manufactured on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals, and boast the industry’s lowest carbon footprint available today. As the antenna is patterned in an innovative laser-manufacturing process, all excess aluminum is completely recycled, and the paper used is fully repulpable.

Customizable Eco-Friendly Ecosystem

As the world’s most customer-focused, innovative transponder designer and manufacturer, Identiv’s Eco-Friendly ecosystem continues the legacy of flexibility and customization. Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags are available in various sizes and customizable antenna designs. Use cases span from eco-friendly paper RFID cards, tickets, and labels to practically every other typical RFID solution on the market today.

Identiv’s Truly Eco-Friendly NFC

Unlike competitors that only offer paper-based ultra-high-frequency (UHF) antennas, Identiv uniquely offers both eco-friendly, non-etched high-frequency (HF)/near field communication (NFC) and UHF inlays. While other companies provide eco-friendly UHF RFID technology, their NFC solutions are merely green-washed. Identiv is the only company that offers truly eco-friendly HF NFC.

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