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uCreate NFC App for Mobile

Our uCreate NFC App for Mobile allows simple near field communication (NFC) tag programming. Use the app to read and write basic commands to NFC Forum tag types 2, 4, and 5. The app is available for Android® and Apple® iOS devices.

Test Your Creations with uCreate NFC App

Our uCreate NFC App for Mobile is essentially a summary of all functions included in the uCreate NFC SDK for Mobile. It previews what is possible using the software development kit (SDK) source code. Use the app for basic NFC tag encoding, programming commands, and writing URLs.

Explore the Ecosystem with uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile

NFC tags are like the DNA that powers the uCreate NFC for Mobile ecosystem. Our uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile provides a quick and easy way to test new application ideas with our collection of pre-programmed NFC tags.

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Get Step-by-Step Code with uCreate NFC SDK

For mobile application developers who like the uCreate NFC App and want to create their own customized NFC mobile app, uCreate NFC SDK is the perfect fit. Register for the mobile software development kit (SDK) and get the step-by-step source code you need to get started.

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