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uCreate NFC Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mobile

uCreate NFC SDK for Mobile is a software development kit for developers to create mobile applications for near field communication (NFC) solutions. The SDK supports Android® and Apple® iOS app development.

Step-by-Step Support for NFC Standards

Our source code shows step-by-step how to integrate the power of NFC technology into mobile applications. The uCreate NFC SDK for Mobile supports NFC Forum tag types 2, 4, and 5. After reading and decoding the type of NFC tag in the radio frequency field, different tag and standard-specific commands are available.

Get Started with NFC App Development

Mobile app developers without rich NFC experience need a simple way to program and encode off-the-shelf NFC tags and test new application ideas. Combined with our curated uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile, you get a complete ecosystem to jump start NFC app development for NFC-enabled mobile devices.

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Test Your NFC Application Creations

NFC mobile app development was never easier. Get an overview of what you can create in the NFC universe with our uCreate NFC App for Mobile. The app features a summary of the functions provided with the SDK and allows you to test your app creations.

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