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uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile

The uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile provides everything you need to get started in the world of near field communication (NFC). The kit includes a collection of tags with NFC Forum type 2, 4, and 5 ICs. The NFC tags are compatible with Android® and Apple® iOS devices.

Create Your Own NFC Experience

The uCreate NFC Tag Kit for Mobile helps you find the best product for your solution. Get an overview of different NFC tag types, various ICs and their functionalities, and the differences between various shapes, sizes, and form factors. The kit includes NFC Forum type 2, 4, and 5 NFC tags. All are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Our high-performance tags are only limited by your imagination and can power countless use cases, including consumer electronics, smart home, transit, supply chain management, fashion, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and toys.

For those who want to work with Mac or PC instead of mobile devices, our uTrust 3700 F contactless smart card reader is the perfect addition to your kit.

Build Your Own NFC Mobile App

We are giving the masses the tools to discover NFC technology. Our uCreate NFC SDK for Mobile makes the first steps into NFC mobile app development as simple as possible. Use the SDK source to start creating your own NFC mobile app for NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets.

Get uCreate NFC SDK

Join the NFC Creative Revolution

Whether you are a developer, or brand new to NFC, our uCreate NFC App shows you how to create interactive NFC applications. It gives you a preview of what is possible with the source code, and also lets you read, write, and program tags.

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