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uTrust Sense SyringeCheck

NFC-enabled uTrust Sense SyringeCheck is a smart injectable dose monitoring solution that ensures patients take medication properly and clinical studies achieve compliance and trustworthy trial results.


NFC-Enabled Patient Compliance Monitoring Solution

It is a fact: medicines cannot work if people do not take them. That is why uTrust Sense SyringeCheck, the only smart injectable technology available today, is critical. The near field communication (NFC)-enabled syringe dose monitoring device features a front-end capacitive sensor that measures fill levels (full vs. empty).

This patient compliance monitoring technology helps clinical trials achieve meaningful results, supports insurance companies in providing valuable prescription programs, and ensures patients take medication properly.

Simplifying Complex Prescription Programs and Telemedicine

Combined with a companion app and alarm functionality, uTrust Sense SyringeCheck guides patients through correct medication intake, simplifying complex prescription programs. The high usability solution provides tap-and-go sensor read-out, making it easy to deploy for telemedicine and at-home compliance monitoring, and ultimately improving patient health and outcomes.

Smart Injectable Use Cases

Capacitive sensing NFC technology provides major benefits for the following smart injectable use cases:

Clinical Trials

  • Better results: Conduct clinical trials in natural environment at home vs. in clinic
  • Meaningful results: Exclude non-compliant participants from statistics
  • Cost-effective results: More efficient phase IV studies

Expensive Medication

  • Insurance company assistance: Ensure expensive medication is paid for by insurance by confirming compliance
  • Simplified complex intake plans: Make prescription programs easier by combining with reminder schemes, including the app, alarms, etc.
  • Improved patient outcomes: Assist at-risk patients who want to take their medicine but might forget to do so


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