uTrust 2700 F Contact Smart Card Reader

CAC and PIV-approved uTrust 2700 F is a contact PC-linked USB smart card reader that is application-ready and supports all major smart card ICs and technology.

Identiv uTrust 2700 F Contact Smart Card Reader

Ready-to-use, CAC and PIV-approved.This compact reader features driver support for all major PC operating systems.

Identiv-Specific Firmware

  • SmartOS™
  • Easy, complete support of all major contact smart cards
  • Convenient, fast transaction times, security, and reliability

Full Compliance, Full Support

  • ISO/IEC 7816
  • PC/SC
  • Microsoft WHQL
  • EMV 2011

How Will You Use It Today?

  • Electronic ID
  • Social security
  • Loyalty programs and e-couponing
  • Secure network logon
  • e-Banking
  • Online shopping and gaming

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