uTrust 3500 F Contactless Smart Card Reader Board


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uTrust 3500 F Contactless Smart Card Reader Board

uTrust 3500 F Contactless Smart Card Reader Board

ISO/IEC 14443 – contactless, NFC, USB 2.0 full speed, support for all major PC operating systems.

Supporting 13.56 MHz contactless technology and NFC, this PC-linked reader features end-user environments where virtually all types of contactless credentials are being used, even in mixed populations.

With its all-in-one concept, the uTrust 3500 F enables a smooth transition from well-established traditional technologies into emerging NFC applications, pushing new business.

The compact yet easy-to-integrate performance-oriented reader board allows a cost-efficient and smooth integration into virtually all systems, such as kiosks, terminals, or desktop devices. ID-1 cards, any kind of token, or even NFC-enabled smart phones are the ideal credentials for this reader board.

The Identiv driver platform as well as the Windows® Plug-and-Play driver support allows a seamless integration into any end-user environment with very little or no administration. The uTrust 3500 F reader board can even be used on Android-based solutions.

The end user experiences convenience, transaction-time efficiency, security, flexibility, and full NFC capability for use applications such as network log-on, secure web-based transactions, and even NFC-based customer loyalty programs.

The product has also been designed for secure in-field firmware upgrades and great reliability, providing a perfect return on investment.

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