COVID-19 Triggers Demands for These Advanced Access Control Solutions

April 22, 2020

Identiv MobilisID On April 22, 2020,’s William Pao highlighted Identiv’s MobilisID in the article “COVID-19 Triggers Demands for These Advanced Access Control Solution”. Here is an excerpt:

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted stricter control by end user organizations on who can enter buildings and how to do it in a safe manner. Against this backdrop, advanced access control solutions can be quite helpful. This article explores some of the technologies and solutions that are seeing increasing demands amid the outbreak.

Contactless Technologies While fingerprint is still the dominant biometric with which to enter buildings or other entities, it requires touching which raises health and hygiene concerns especially amid the pandemic. As a result, more and more users are turning to contactless or touchless biometrics, some of which include iris recognition, which works by way of a camera that captures the image of a person’s iris; facial recognition, which employs a capturing device that transmits the facial image back to the server to be matched against a database; and vascular biometrics, where a vascular biometric scanner captures an individual’s vein pattern image and match it against the database. It should also be noted that physical access control by way of mobile credentials is another contactless technology that can be useful. The mobile credential is stored in the user’s phone which can then be used to interact with the reader. One company, Identiv, takes this even a step further with their MobilisID, which uses the latest in Bluetooth and capacitive technologies to allow frictionless access; the user’s mobile device remains in their pocket as they simply wave their hand in front of the reader. Read the full article via Contactless freedom