Manufacturing and Healthcare: Industrial-Grade Smart Card Reader Makes Its Impact

March 29, 2022

uTrust 3700 IG Identiv’s uTrust 3700 IG is an IP65-rated, industrial-grade contactless and near field communication (NFC) smart card reader/writer designed for industrial facilities, hospitals, and cleanrooms. Constructed to withstand even the harshest environments, it is made with polished, high-grade plastics and ultrasonic-welded seams to keep it clean inside and out. The PC-linked smart card reader features 13.56 MHz contactless technology and NFC, allowing it to work in any end-user environment with practically any type of contactless credential. uTrust 3700 IG can be deployed in a number of industries, but it makes a powerful impact in manufacturing and healthcare.

Factories and Manufacturing Plants

Modern manufacturing companies are embracing digital transformation to reinforce competitiveness. Smart factories use contactless smart card reader/writers like uTrust 3700 IG to ensure better security in terms of user authentication and access control. With high-security user authentication solutions, you can:
  • Minimize the risk of expensive production faults or plant shutdowns due to operating errors or disruption by limiting access to authorized workers
  • Reliably protect personal and factory data against manipulation or spying
  • Ensure security and transparency in a manufacturing plant's fleet management, tracking who has used a forklift or truck and when
Identiv’s uTrust 3700 IG is ideal for secure personal identity verification and user authentication. Manufacturing warehouses often have large cargo/bay doors that remain open for deliveries or multiple evaporative coolers. uTrust 3700 IG is not only dust-proof and water-resistant, but it also tolerates a wide range of temperatures and climates, making it the right choice for industrial facilities and manufacturing plants with the most adverse conditions.  With uTrust 3700 technology, factories can use employee ID badges for safe industrial access control applications throughout the facility. It supports quality control initiatives with a full audit trail of users and access times, which is particularly important information in the event of a product recall. uTrust 3700 IG lets factories automatically track available assets and physically locate the equipment on the floor, either to use or to send for calibration. Knowing where assets are located and what condition they are in helps diminish asset downtime, optimize asset productivity and resource maintenance, and control inventory expenditures.

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Just like factories, hospitals leverage modern user authentication systems to enable secure, fast, and transparent processes for patients and staff. These systems can improve productivity, ensure HIPAA-compliant authentication, and keep the focus on the patient with simple, safe healthcare access control for nurses’ stations, printers, and medication carts.

Hospitals are always committed to keeping their facilities clean and sanitary to prevent infection among patients and staff. During the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities are taking extra steps to prevent the spread of disease. Hospital cleaning staff use extra-strength disinfectants whether there is a pandemic or not, and uTrust 3700 IG’s ultrasonic-welded seams keep moisture out.

Apart from the hospital staff, patients can also benefit from a consistent solution for user authentication and access. Along with receiving optimal care, they can use the system's options for themselves, like paying in the cafeteria, taking the elevator automatically to the right floor, or using entertainment programs. With uTrust 3700 IG, hospitals can:

  • Reserve access to electronic patient files, medicines, and sensitive areas in the hospital
  • Restrict the operation of medical equipment to authorized persons
  • Comply with legal requirements while increasing efficiency and controlling cost
The majority of healthcare records are now digital, and hospitals must ensure compliance with HIPAA and other security directives across a range of devices. Unlike old password-based systems, Identiv’s uTrust 3700 IG offers far more convenient and safe HIPAA access control. On average, healthcare providers log in to workstations and applications 70 times per day and spend an average of only 46% of their time on direct patient care. With uTrust 3700 IG, clinicians can access records, medicines, and devices with a quick wave or tap of a card. This allows them to focus their time and attention on patients, not complex logins. uTrust 3700 IG provides maximum flexibility for access control in hospitals and healthcare organizations, reading an extensive range of credentials. The compact size makes it ideal for laptops and workstations, medical devices and carts, supply cabinets, vending machines, and more.

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