What Is Remote Access Control for Physical Security?

March 24, 2021

Access control is essential to any successful physical security strategy. Today’s cutting-edge technologies, including cloud-based remote physical access control, have entirely transformed security’s capabilities.

What Is Remote Access Control for Physical Security?

Remote access control for physical security refers to the ability to provide entry to a location, such as a commercial property, from anywhere in the world and at any time.
By integrating cloud-based access capabilities within an overall security posture, security professionals are better equipped to manage sites and are empowered to control and regulate who comes and who goes from a specific building. Remote access control allows you to manage your facility from anywhere, from the level of access provided to specific individuals at any given time to controlling door schedules in periods when the ability to operate on-premises continues to fluctuate.

Top Four Remote Access Technologies

Powering such advanced capabilities are an array of different technologies capable of meeting a variety of needs. A small rural workshop will have different requirements to a multi-story city center office block, for example. Whether you need to simply open and close doors remotely or change the permissions of hundreds of employees daily, there are numerous remote physical access control solutions on the market today that cater to this entire spectrum. Here are just a few examples of solutions that are common in the marketplace.
Mobile Access for remote access

1. Mobile access

Mobile access involves the use of a device such as a wearable, smartphone, or tablet to gain entry through a secured physical gateway, such as a door or gate. Here, access credentials can be provided by email and take the form of a pin, QR code, or another format. They can even make frictionless access possible without the need to present a physical credential.
Access control as a service for remote access

2. Access control as a service

Access control as a service (ACaaS) allows users to manage and maintain their cloud-based physical access control systems via the web or a device. Access control hardware, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, video intercoms, and alarm systems, are based on-premises, but ACaaS software is cloud-based and usually powered by servers or data centers off-site. ACaaS is a centralized tool that can be used to manage extensive security ecosystems remotely.
Telephone Entry Systems for Remote Access

3. Telephone entry systems

Telephone entry systems are used by commercial and residential properties around the world. Typically, they work by a visitor pressing a doorbell and being connected to a respondent inside who is able to communicate verbally with the individual outside. Modern versions, however, are often intelligent entry systems that are highly secure visitor management solutions.
Video and data analytics for remote access

4. Video and data analytics

Video and data analytics solutions are deployed as the ends to a variety of different means. They can provide real-time security capable of predicting and analyzing certain threats, as well as offering organizations key insights that can be used to improve business performance. Video and data analytics take simple surveillance solutions further and have become the cornerstones of safety, security, and customer experience for many companies.

Remote Access with Freedom Cloud

When looking at physical access control systems (PACS), there are a few specifics to home in on: flexibility and scalability, overall cost, integration, and credentials. Our Freedom products encompass that all, whether you choose on-premises or remote access. Freedom Cloud ACaaS is a subscription-based service that allows the user to control, manage, and maintain their remote PACS from anywhere, at any time, and it is always up-to-date. The system allows for a seamless transition from on-premises to cloud-based, preventing any interruptions. It is also more cyber-secure. Remote Access with Freedom Cloud Book a Demo › Remote access control for physical security allows a business to use an app to lock or unlock any office door at any time remotely. Freedom Cloud allows access from any web browser on smartphones, tablets, or computers. After approving a visitor, a button can be pushed to allow the door to open and the person to walk in, or you can choose to keep that person out. When paired with mobile solutions like Freedom Mobile, cards, key fobs, and keypads become obsolete; an employee can download an app and use their cell phone as a credential. The convenience is great, but there is also an extra layer of security. Not only can you monitor who is entering and exiting your building and track your employees, you can use remote access to lockdown a facility immediately if needed. There are so many benefits to remote physical access control and the Identiv team is ready to discuss them all with you today at sales@identiv.com or +1 888-809-8880.