San Diego International Airport Case Study

July 9, 2024

Discover How San Diego International Airport Enhanced Aviation Security with Identiv's Velocity Vision

San Diego International Airport (SAN) partnered with Identiv to revolutionize their aviation security measures. Central to this transformative initiative was the integration of advanced technology to safeguard airport infrastructure and ensure a secure environment for millions of passengers.

As one of the busiest single-runway airports globally, SAN faced the challenge of modernizing their security systems to accommodate the expansion of the new Terminal 1 without disrupting existing operations. The airport embarked on a strategic mission to enhance their security capabilities while maintaining cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Identiv stepped in with a tailored solution, providing the Velocity Vision Video Management System (VMS) that seamlessly integrates with existing cameras, recording servers, and access control systems. This partnership has significantly elevated the airport’s security protocols, aligning with their commitment to leveraging technology for improved safety and operational excellence.

"Velocity Vision has given us a clearer view of our airport’s security landscape, allowing us to manage and respond more effectively. This solution not only saved us significant costs but also enhanced our ability to safeguard our community."

Arick Conley, Senior Security Systems Engineer, Aviation Security and Public Safety, San Diego International Airport

Discover the full story behind San Diego International Airport's journey to enhanced aviation security:

  • Gain insights into the technical and business challenges that led to this innovative solution
  • Explore the user-friendly, cost-effective features of Velocity Vision VMS
  • Learn how advanced security technology can be seamlessly integrated into airport systems to enhance protection and efficiency

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