Identity Verification Newsletter — August 2022

August 2, 2022

Risky Business There are about 50 to 70 million secure smart cards in the U.S., though they are nothing more than a piece of plastic without a reader. With the large (and growing) mobile workforce, employees need to access systems and networks from home. But what happens when they turn to the internet to find a low-cost smart card reader on their own?
Are Your Smart Card Readers Bundled with Malware?

Are Your Smart Card Readers Bundled with Malware?

Millions of contractors and government employees in the U.S. use secure smart ID cards to physically access controlled spaces while logically accessing systems and data. Most of them are not offered a government-issued smart card reader device for home or mobile use. That means they often turn to ordering low-cost readers over the internet. What could possibly go wrong? Read More › Mandated, Critical Security: Authentication in Law Enforcement

Mandated, Critical Security: Authentication in Law Enforcement

To combat cybercrime, law enforcement agencies need timely, secure access to the systems that provide information from anywhere at any time. That’s why the FBI introduced the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) mandate to integrate presidential and FBI directives, federal laws, and the criminal justice community’s decisions. How exactly is multi-factor authentication (MFA) the answer to CJIS? Find Out › MFA and Mobile Workforce

MFA and Mobile Workforce

We’re inviting you to be a fly on the wall in a conversation between Eric Gregg, Director of Sales at Tx Systems Inc., and Louis Modell, VP OEM Channel Americas at Identiv. Tune into their conversation as they provide valuable education on what MFA is, why it is more important than ever, and how it can be easily deployed to ensure cybersecurity for today’s growing mobile workforce. Listen to Podcast › Free 30 Day Trial: Thursby Sub Rosa PDF

Free 30 Day Trial: Thursby Sub Rosa PDF

Our newest app is brought to you by Thursby, the makers of the original FIPS 140-2-validated and DISA-approved Sub Rosa app for two-factor authentication and secure web browser access on iOS and Android mobile devices. Now, with Sub Rosa PDF, you can sign documents securely on-the-go with a CAC, PIV, or a Purebred certificate. Let’s get you started with a 30-day free trial to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Get Free Trial › We drive conversations and innovations in the connected world.