uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch

uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch

Identiv’s uTrust SafeTemp wearable NFC-enabled patch makes taking your body temperature easier than ever. For instant temperature measurements, tap the passive patch with any NFC-enabled smartphone.

uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch App Screen

Download the App

Temperature data is transferred from the SafeTemp patch to the app. The app saves each temperature scan, making it simple to monitor the peaks and valleys of different temperature readings over time.

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Apply the Patch


Clean and Prep

Clean skin with a disinfecting wipe or alcohol wipe, and remove the backing liner from the uTrust SafeTemp patch.


Line It Up

Place small tab (measurement sensor) into the middle, highest part of the arm pit. Ensure tab does not fold when the arm is lowered.


Place the Patch

Flex the biceps muscle and wrap the patch around the arm. The two ends will not meet. The largest end contains the NFC inlay.

Read Scribble

Read the Temperature


Hold Arm Tight

In order to read out temperature, hold the arm tight and close to the upper body.


Wait 10 Seconds

For best results, hold your arm in this position for at least 10 seconds to ensure the most accurate read.


Tap the Patch

Temperature data will then be transferred to your smartphone and will be visible within the app.

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