Viscount Is Now an Identiv Company

Acquired in January 2019, Viscount Systems, Inc.’s Freedom, Liberty, and Enterphone product portfolio provides next-generation, IT-centric access control and telephone entry solutions.

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It’s Time to Rethink Your Access Control

Accessible anytime, anywhere, we take web-based access control and visitor management to the next level.

Commercial Access Control

An open-platform, web-based software solution designed to integrate identity management and video surveillance

Federal Government Solution

IT-based solution that makes it easier for U.S. government agencies and contractors to comply with security regulations

Telephone Entry and Visitor Management

A full range of telephone entry and visitor management solutions for every type of residential and mixed-use property

Freedom Access Control

IT-centric, cyber-secure physical access that uses software-defined architecture (SDA) and encryption bridges at the network edge to communicate with security devices onsite and geo-distributed software

Liberty Access Control

Entry-level physical access that delivers a simple, cost-effective, cyber-secure, easily installed and accessed (from anywhere) system, allowing a single door to scale up to 32 doors

Enterphone Telephone Entry

Intelligent, integrated, comprehensive telephone entry and visitor management solutions with over two million tenants in 35,000 residential and mixed-use properties