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Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on Mobile Devices

Added: September 2019

With multi-factor authentication, you add an additional element to your log-in process that makes hacking nearly impossible. Identiv breaks down each step necessary to enable multi-factor authentication on a mobile device and provides direction and clarity on each.

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The FICAM Solution for Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity

Added: June 2016

Identiv’s end-to-end Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) solution has been developed to address an industry-wide problem of how to implement FICAM simply and with optimal performance.

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Trust in the Connected World

Added: April 2014

Beyond e-commerce, the paradigm shift, and the economics of trust, Identiv and analyst Terry Gold explore the concepts of establishing trust in the connected world.

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The Case for Convergence

Added: April 2014

Some things are meant to be together. Identiv applies PACS technology to improve cyber security.

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