Identiv Launches Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags

January 23, 2020

Clean, Green Transponder Technology Serves Environmentally Conscious Companies Focusing on Sustainable Ecological Footprint
FREMONT, Calif., January 23, 2020 — Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced its commitment to creating a sustainable ecological footprint with the latest release in its transponder portfolio, Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags. The clean, green radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) inlays focus on a safer Internet of Things (IoT) market by serving the unique requirements of other environmentally conscious companies aiming to protect the planet. Identiv’s Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags are non-etched, paper-based transponder inlays that reduce the traditional use of PET-based substrates and byproducts. The tags are manufactured on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals, and boast a low carbon footprint. As the antenna is patterned in an innovative laser-manufacturing process, all excess aluminum is completely recycled, and the paper used is fully repulpable. Unlike competitors which only offer paper-based ultra-high-frequency (UHF) antennas, Identiv uniquely offers both eco-friendly, non-etched high-frequency (HF)/NFC and UHF inlays. As the world’s most customer-focused, innovative transponder designer and manufacturer, Identiv’s latest inlay continues the company’s legacy of flexibility and customization; the Eco-Friendly RFID Tag is available in various sizes and features customizable antenna designs. Use cases span from paper Eco-Friendly RFID Cards, Eco-Friendly RFID Tickets, and Eco-Friendly RFID Labels to practically every other typical RFID solution on the market today.  “Identiv continues to roll out the industry’s most innovative RFID products while always working closely with our customers to fulfill their unique requirements,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, Identiv COO and General Manager, Identity. “As RFID is embedded into more and more products, and applications for consumer authentication and engagement continue to grow, packaging and RFID inlays are a natural place for enterprise and technology customers looking to reduce their environmental footprint.” The Eco-Friendly RFID Tag follows the same simple, high-speed, cost-efficient production model of Identiv’s entire transponder portfolio, allowing for the highest volumes at the highest quality while remaining cost-neutral. Identiv’s team is expert in designing and manufacturing HF and UHF transponders for embedded use in everyday objects, like medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishable food items, and pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the form factor (dry inlay, wet inlay, label, ticket, and more), Identiv’s transponders are uniquely positioned to deliver RFID connectivity to any object in the IoT market. Learn more about Identiv’s complete RFID, NFC, and inlay portfolio by visiting, calling +1 888.809.8880, or contacting  ### About Identiv Identiv, Inc. is a global provider of physical security and secure identification. Identiv’s products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control, video analytics, and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications. Customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, banking, retail and transportation sectors rely on Identiv’s access and identification solutions. Identiv's mission is to secure the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything. Identiv is a publicly traded company and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the U.S. under the symbol “INVE.” For more information, visit Identiv Media Contact: