Your Powerful IoT Connecting Cloud

Identiv's serves as a powerful IoT connecting cloud. Bridging the gap between brands, businesses, and consumers, our platform integrates various IoT tags like RFID, NFC, BLE, and more. With features for tag commissioning, consumer experience enhancement, and data management, paves the way for a seamless IoT experience.

Key Benefits is a global, versatile, dynamic connecting cloud. The platform provides a multitude of benefits, including:

Full-Circle Solution

Smart Supply Chain Management

Elevated Consumer Engagement


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Full-Circle Solution provides a comprehensive solution that addresses a wide array of challenges across different industries.

  • Smooth production-to-supply chain transition
  • Improved business operations and stock accuracy
  • Robust product authentication and diversion tracking
  • Advanced resource planning and individual consumer engagement opportunities

Smarter Supply Chain Management revolutionizes supply chain management by streamlining processes from production to supply. Its features allow for:

  • Real-time visibility and control over your supply chain, improving efficiency and stock management
  • Advanced tracking and tracing capabilities to minimize instances of product diversion, thereby protecting your brand and maximizing sales opportunities
  • Scalability that suits your needs, whether you're a small business or a global company, grows with you

Elevated Consumer Engagement offers customizable features that let businesses align their consumer engagement strategies with their brand values and customer preferences.

  • Personalize your marketing campaigns and loyalty programs
  • Provide customers with fast, accurate product information
  • Enable end-to-end product tracking to reinforce your brand's value and transparency

Sustainability is a tool for a greener future. With better supply chain process management and logistics optimization, you can significantly minimize your environmental footprint.

  • Reduce waste with real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • Effectively manage resources, optimizing inventory and reducing overproduction
  • Promote a sustainable business model with



Key Features comes packed with a wealth of features designed to optimize your business operations:

  • Optics and Analytics: World-class data visualizations, real-time activations, and a comprehensive analytics suite provide powerful insights
  • Lifecycle Journey: Market your business efficiently with our first-of-its-kind open ecosystem IoT platform
  • API Structure: Our open ecosystem allows for easy integration into ERP, CRM, or other solutions
  • Stay Ahead of Competition: Real-time customer-generated data, dynamic campaigns, and no code or low code solutions keep you a step ahead

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Market Use Cases

Discover how has revolutionized various industries, from wine and spirits to sports and entertainment, pharma and healthcare, and more.


  • Wine and Spirits Experience: Protect your bottles from tampering, track inventory, and deliver custom content to your customers throughout your product's lifecycle.

  • Sports and Entertainment Experience: Enhance fan engagement in real-time at sports or entertainment events.

  • Pharma and Healthcare Experience: Revolutionize how pharmaceutical companies manage their products and how patients manage their medication.

  • Medical Devices and Packaging Experience: Deliver peace of mind to your patients while streamlining your inventory management.

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