Printed Electronics Now: Most Intriguing Flexible, Printed Electronics Products of 2021

January 5, 2022

Original article posted by David Savastano, Editor, via Printed Electronics Now. Printed Electronics Now: Most Intriguing Flexible, Printed Electronics Products of 2021 Here’s a look at five interesting technologies that have either reached the market or were nearing commercialization in 2021. Flexible and printed electronics manufacturers developed some interesting products during the past year, either reaching or nearing commercialization. Here is Printed Electronics Now’s list of Most Intriguing Flexible and Printed Electronics Products of 2021. In alphabetical order:

Canatu, Rightware, Siili Auto and TactoTek – Origo Steering Wheel

In-mold electroniocs have come a long way, and offer tremendous benefits. Commercialization takes time, particularly in the automotive segment, but the Origo Steering Wheel is a promising development. Developed by a Finnish automotive consortium including Canatu, TactoTek, Siili Auto and Rightware, Origo allows the driver to manage all of the car’s key functions from the steering wheel, a major benefit in terms of safety and cutting down distractions. Origo has earned prestigious awards, most recently a CES 2022 Innovation Award.

CVS, American Council of the Blind and Identiv – Spoken Rx

For people who have sight disabilities, taking the right dosage or medication can be a major challenge. CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, in conjunction with the American Council of the Blind and RFID specialist Identiv, have come up with Spoken RX, which can read an RFID label that is affixed to the bottom of each prescription container for patients who have enrolled in the program. The information includes patient and medication name and instructions. Spoken Rx is available in English and Spanish, and is easy to use. CVS is offering Spoken RX at all its nearly 10,000 pharmacy locations nationwide, including more than 1,700 CVS Pharmacy locations within Target.


Printing OLEDs has been a goal for display manufacturers for what seems like decades. The challenge, of course, is to actually successfully mass produce printed displays. With the first product shipment of its OLEDIO oled displays, JOLED Inc. has successfully completed the first mass production of OLED displays by printing. With OLEDIO, JOLED will manufacture 10- to 32-inch, medium-sized high-performance and high-quality OLED displays, for high-end monitors, medical monitors, automotive displays and other markets.

Ontex – Smart Diapers

Taking care of the continence needs of older adults is becoming much more important. Ontex is developing its smart diaper and related services to increase the wellbeing of all affected by continence care – patients, professional caregivers, institutions and families. Ontex’s smart diaper features a printed, recyclable sensor and a transmitter clipped onto the diaper. It accurately determines the saturation level of the diaper and the risk of leakage, and through its mobile app, alerts care-givers when it is time to change the diaper.

Saule Technologies – Electronic Shelf Labels with Perovskite Solar Cells

Saule Technologies is launching the world’s first electronic shelf labels based on perovskite photovoltaic cells. Unlike traditional ESLs, it is powered not by a battery but by a perovskite photovoltaic cell. Electronic labels with their own practically inexhaustible power source, not requiring battery replacement, are less expensive and more convenient to use than traditional ESLs. Saule reports that the life span of these labels is approximately 10 years.