Green is Good :-) How we’re embracing innovation to help reduce environmental impact

January 28, 2020

As we all know too well, global economic development has swelled without taking into account the critical environmental consequences. But we have to look harder at how our ambitions affect our planet for two primary reasons. First, natural resources are limited and cannot sustain infinite growth. Second, the very nature of the Earth drives economic growth, and protecting the very backbone of our livelihood and health is critical now more than ever. As a company, we strive to offset adverse impacts on our environment, not just by talking but through our actions.
Our commitment to creating a sustainable ecological footprint is demonstrated by the release of Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC tags.
The clean, green radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) inlays focus on a safer Internet of Things (IoT) market by serving the unique requirements of environmentally conscious companies aiming to protect the planet. The tags are non-etched, paper-based transponder inlays that reduce the traditional use of PET-based substrates and byproducts. They are manufactured on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals, and boast a low carbon footprint. As the antenna is patterned in an innovative laser-manufacturing process, all excess aluminum is completely recycled, and the paper used can be converted back into pulp during recycling. So why embark on the creation of environmentally friendly solutions? The answer is simple: As RFID is embedded into more and more products, and applications for consumer authentication and engagement continue to grow, packaging and RFID inlays are a natural place for enterprise and technology customers looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Also, Identiv is committed to a “greener” future. We understand that every business impacts the environment, and therefore, we know we can also make a positive impact by being aware and combining this awareness with innovation.
Will you join us?
What are you doing to minimize your impact on the environment?