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    Organizations should not have to compromise between high security, complexity, and usability.Read More
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    Data breaches related to usernames and passwords seem to be happening almost daily.Read More
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    uTrust provides a unified, simple, efficient identity solution that delivers higher security for both premises and information access.Read More
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    Identiv’s industry-leading approach to premises access control takes organizations into the future.Read More
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    The ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) means that EVERY thing is quickly becoming connected in our world. Read More

Identiv is a global security technology company that establishes identity in the connected world, including premises, information, and everyday items.

Global government, education, retail, transportation, healthcare, and other organizations rely upon Identiv’s Trust Solutions for Premises, Trust Solutions for Information, and Trust Solutions for Everyday Items to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and protect brand identity.

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Life in the Post-Password Era
Follow a day in the life of Ida as she navigates physical and information access in the post-password era.

Our trusted identity solutions allow people to gain access to buildings, networks, information, systems, and services, while ensuring that the physical facilities and digital assets of the organizations they interact with are protected. Our solutions are implemented using standards-driven technology, such as digital certificates, trusted authentication, mobility, and cloud services.

The foundation of Identiv’s trust solutions is a single universal identity credential that can be used to trust or securely access any resource — premises, information, or even everyday items. Cloud-based Identiv Trust Services (ITS) provide a secure web portal to issue, manage, or revoke credentials, without the complexity and cost of internal deployments.

The physical world and online world are meant to be connected.
Join us and trust your world.

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