Identiv Introduces Industry’s First Battery-Free Metal Sensor IoT Devices for Optimized Performance in Adverse Environments

June 7, 2023

New labels’ sensing capabilities enable advanced monitoring near metallic objects

FREMONT, Calif., June XX, 2023Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE), a global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the launch of the market’s first sensory Tag on Metal (TOM®) label, developed in collaboration with French sensor and IC specialist Asygn. The on-metal sensor devices, based on Asygn’s next-generation AS321X IC platform, capture temperature and strain data near metallic objects. Tracking these and other sensor data, Identiv’s Asygn-based devices are ideal for industrial, logistics, supply chain, and other applications needing advanced monitoring without the cost and maintenance overhead of a battery-powered device.

Asygn recently launched the AS321X series, the world’s first ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips, for batteryless sensing applications. Identiv’s partnership with Asygn expands its product portfolio into sensor-based UHF RAIN RFID-compliant inlays that enable long-range product identification and condition monitoring.

“The combination of Identiv’s advanced RFID engineering solutions with Asygn’s breakthrough sensing IC platform is unique in the industry. These on-metal labels leverage both our production expertise and Asygn’s state-of-the-art sensor capabilities,” said Amir Khoshniyati, VP and GM IoT, Identiv. “This collaboration marks an important milestone in our product portfolio expansion, further solidifying our position as a transformative leader in the IoT.”

The next-gen AS321X chips are fully compliant with RAIN RFID standards and feature an analog interface for connecting external sensors such as magnetic field, motion, or pressure, and on-chip sensors that can measure temperature, strain, ambient, light, or humidity. To highlight the innovative features of the sensory TOM labels, Identiv has developed a UHF sensing demo for evaluations, with related code available upon request.

“Identiv’s ruggedized TOM tags were a natural choice to implement the dynamic performance of our passive UHF RFID AS321X chip family,” said Lionel Geynet, RFID Business Unit Manager, Asygn. “We are excited to partner with Identiv to enable the IoT with this exclusive on-metal sensor solution.”

Identiv’s connected ecosystems put the IoT in motion, creating digital identities for every physical object. The innovative RFID team handles research, design, development, and manufacturing. The company embeds RFID-enabled IoT devices, inlays, and labels into billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, luxury brands, specialty retail, athletic apparel, industrial applications, smart packaging, library media, toys, wine and spirits, mobile devices, cold chain items, and perishables.

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About Asygn
Asygn is a global provider of electronics for sensors. Asygn recently launched the world's first UHF RFID sensor chips enabling batteryless sensing applications. Fully compliant with RAIN RFID infrastructures, the AS321X chips feature an analog interface for connection to external sensors and on-chip sensors such as temperature, strain, ambient light, and humidity.

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