How Can I Take Temperature Measurements for COVID-19?

August 24, 2020

As the world continues to focus on reopening public venues and businesses, leaders must focus on ensuring a safe and healthy environment to keep attendees and employees comfortable, confident, and secure. And taking temperatures to limit the spread of COVID-19 is encouraged. On March 18, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) gave employers the approval to take employees' temperatures to reduce the coronavirus spread. This approach leaves the burden of temperature monitoring on the business or employee who is often asking:

How can I take temperature measurements for COVID-19?

In order to take temperature measurements for COVID-19, businesses and employers need monitoring technology that is affordable, easy to use, and unobtrusive for visitors and employees. Wearable near-field communication (NFC) technology is preferable to clinical-grade digital thermometers due to significantly better accuracy and a more efficient overall experience: users simply apply the wearable, tap with an NFC-enabled device, and read out their temperature.

Luckily, technology providers, such as Identiv, have worked diligently over the past months to develop the exact solutions that streamline monitoring temperatures.

uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch

The uTrust SafeTemp patch is a wearable near field communication NFC-enabled transponder that supports the reopening of businesses and public spaces. The new solution combines the simplicity of using NFC and the smart technology potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), making body temperature monitoring simple. uTrust SafeTemp Body Temperature Measurement Patch

How to Accurately Take Temperature Measurements

uTrust SafeTemp is most accurately read when applied under the upper arm (its skin friendly and water-resistant adhesive make it ideal for wearing for multiple days). For instant temperature measurements, tap the passive patch with any NFC-enabled smartphone. The patch positioning allows temperature measurement close to the body, yet keeps the readout as simple as possible. Temperature Measurements for COVID-19 - Patch and Graph

Clinical-Grade, High-Accuracy Sensors

For clinical-grade applications, uTrust SafeTemp can be combined with a high-accuracy temperature sensor, which follows the ASTM E1112 Standard for Electronic Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature. An active battery version is being designed for customers who need to track body temperatures over a more extended period without tapping. Attached to the body, it will track temperature measurements over multiple days and store the data in the cloud or an offline application. COVID-19 Temperature Measurements with uTrust SafeTemp Diagrams

Temperature Measurements for COVID-19

The solution also supports global governments and healthcare workers that need to monitor quarantined patients diagnosed with COVID-19 periodically. Personnel can use either the passive or active version of the patch for quarantined citizens, employees, or patients positive for COVID-19. Monitored via the cloud, temperature measurements can be assessed without an in-person reading. However, if a patient's condition suddenly grows worse, healthcare personnel can be immediately alerted.

Health Monitoring in the Pandemic Era

As workplace health monitoring becomes more of the norm, public health experts stress that it is essential for employers to find ways to protect their workers during the pandemic and beyond. Fever is a signature symptom of COVID-19, and any business leaders and public health leaders view temperature checkpoints as a vital tool for preventing the spread. As more parts of the world lift quarantine restrictions, temperature checks will continue to be a daily ritual. Because preventing even one infectious person from entering a specific area has a significant impact.

uTrust SafeTemp

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