Meet TOM: Introducing the Industry’s Most Dynamic On-Metal RFID Solution

February 10, 2022

According to a report by Global Market Studies, market demand for industrial labels is expected to reach $59.34 billion by 2024, increasing at an approximate compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.86%. Based on the requirements of the market, particularly industrial customers, Identiv launched the most flexible on-metal radio frequency identification (RFID) solution in the industry: UHF RFID TOM® (Tag On Metal) Labels. The on-metal ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags are geared towards FCC and ETSI standards and in multiple dimensions to better serve the industrial segment. The portfolio is specifically designed for flexible usage across harsh environments with unparalleled performance and price range.

What Are UHF RFID TOM (Tag On Metal) Labels?

UHF RFID Tag On Metal (TOM) Labels are the thinnest, most flexible solution available on the market, providing the highest performing read range without interference on metal surfaces and other harsh industrial environments. The portfolio is designed for scale at an attractive price point due to a unique material make-up.  These labels can tag any kind of metal item, regardless of whether the surface is flat, concave, or convex. The solution is perfect for all applications on metallic surfaces with unmatched performance. It takes up very little space at approximately one-millimeter thickness with an antenna thickness of 120µm, making the product a flexible, bendable solution for various use cases.  The dynamic portfolio is  available with customized artwork and is easily printable on transfer printers. The labels are delivered on a roll and ready to use.

Benefits of UHF RFID TOM Labels

Identiv’s UHF RFID TOM labels are resistant against surrounding interfering materials and are usable on any surface. The highly flexible tags are extremely flat/thin and can tag any type of metal item, regardless of whether the surface is flat or bent. The solution is perfect for all harsh industrial applications on metallic surfaces. UHF RFID Tag On Metal (TOM) Labels

Identiv’s UHF RFID TOM Portfolio

The UHF RFID TOM portfolio features two product options:


UHF RFID TOM® Base UHF TOM® Base was designed for application on metal and nearly every other type of surface, providing a long read range at approximately 4.5 meters (longer range on non-metallic surfaces).


UHF RFID TOM® Pro UHF TOM® Pro is more resistant against surrounding interfering materials, provides a superior read range of up to 10 meters on metal, and can be applied on convex or concave arched metal surfaces. For product specifications and additional metrics on performance and sensitivity, please review the data sheet.

Use Cases for UHF RFID TOM Labels

UHF RFID TOM Labels offer a customized UHF solution for convex or concave arched (metal) surfaces. Due to their thinness, these labels do not need much space, which makes them ideal for container tracking, metallic commodities and goods, bike tracking, and the automotive industry. 

Key Takeaway

We designed our UHF RFID TOM portfolio with scalability, high-performance, unmatched quality, and an extremely attractive price point based on the industrial segment customer demands. Our RFID and NFC solutions verify identities and security in the IoT and are embedded in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishable, and pharmaceuticals. You can read more about the UHF RFID TOM portfolio here.  For more information on Identiv’s complete end-to-end portfolio, call +1 888.809.8880 or contact