UHF RFID TOM® (Tag On Metal) Labels

Thin RFID on-metal portfolio is a flexible way to tag and track metallic items with the highest UHF performance.

A Solution for Every Metallic Application Our flexible UHF RFID TOM Labels can tag any type of metal item, regardless if the surface is flat or bent. The solution is perfect for all industrial applications on metallic surfaces.

The Benefits of RFID TOM

Resistant against surrounding interfering materials and usable on any surface, the UHF RFID TOM portfolio features the best solution for your application. The highly flexible tags are extremely flat/thin (total thickness is~1 mm). The portfolio is available with customized artwork and is easily printable on transfer printers.

UHF TOM Product Options

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology provides the highest read range possible.



  • For application on metal and nearly every type of surface
  • Good read range: ~ 4.5 m (greater range on non-metallic)
  • Great performance in small-sized label



  • More resistant against surrounding interfering materials
  • Excellent read range: ≤ 11 m (less range on metal)
  • Can be applied on convex, concave arched metal surfaces

On-Metal IoT Use Cases

UHF RFID TOM Labels are ideal for:

  • Container tracking
  • Metallic commodities and goods
  • Bike tracking
  • Automotive industry (i.e., car part tagging)

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