The Security Benefits of Unifying NFC and Blockchain

May 3, 2021

Although blockchain gained household recognition with the rise of Bitcoin’s popularity, blockchain has many uses beyond cryptocurrency.

The decentralized, distributed qualities of blockchain processing lends security, transparency, reliability, and authenticity to all kinds of systems. Combined with the power of near-field communication (NFC) devices, systems using both NFC and blockchain promise unprecedented performance for a range of highly secured networks. Early adopters and research teams have found success by bringing both NFC and blockchain technology to a number of applications, from manufacturing and supply chain to financial recordkeeping.

Combining both NFC and blockchain into a single system balances the weaknesses of either technology on its own: NFC provides a medium for blockchain to interact with the physical world, and blockchain verifies NFC tags to detect and prevent tampering.

While each of these technologies are well researched individually, new innovation is inspired by the future applications and limitations of hybrid NFC-blockchain systems.

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