RFID Labels

Identiv’s RFID Labels are blank, printed, or transparent radio frequency identification stickers for metallic or non-metallic surfaces.

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Make them your own.If you’re looking for customization, you came to the right place. Our RFID Labels can be graphically branded, custom encoded, multi-frequency tuned, and domed for enhanced protection. Have a special effect in mind? We can probably do that, too.

Sizes, Shapes, Support…

Combined with Identiv’s radio frequency identification (RFID) inlay portfolio, our RFID Labels are available in a huge range of sizes, can be rectangular, square, or even round, and can support ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC18000-3, or ISO18006-C EPC Gen2, including NFC Type 1, 2, 3, and 4. How’s that for options? Plus, these adhesive transponders are available with all major chips, including NXP, Infineon, Inside Secure, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, EM Microelectronics, Alien Technology, Impinj, Sony Felica, and more.

NTAG 424 DNA Tags

Identiv’s new family of labels leverages NXP® NTAG® 424 DNA chips, strengthening Identiv’s RFID offerings that provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The tags are designed for anti-counterfeiting for brand protection, document authentication, secure supply chain traceability (i.e., product origin and provenance), authorized data access, and trusted customer engagement, including loyalty programs.

The Tamper Detection NTAG 424 DNA Tag version (utilizing NXP’s TagTamper chip) just received certification proving full conformance with NFC Forum specifications, making Identiv the first transponder manufacturer to receive NFC Forum accreditation.

Tamper-Proof RFID Labels

Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Labels integrate state-of-the-art aluminum-etched antennas and an innovative, tamper-proof release coating.

  • Can be applied to glass, paper, plastic, and other non-metal surfaces
  • Guaranteed to destruct after the label is torn
  • Impossible to tear off the complete antenna or label
  • Once torn, will no longer be functional and cannot be reassembled
  • Ideal for preserving product integrity in NFC applications

RFID TOM® (Tag On Metal) Labels

Standard RFID tags are not designed for metal. The technology behind our RFID TOM® (Tag On Metal) Labels is unique. These high frequency (HF) labels (ISO/IEC 14443 or 15693) are equipped with a shielding technology that provides an optimum read range when applied to metallic surfaces.

Giant NFC Labels

Identiv’s Giant NFC Transponder is a breakthrough solution, delivering consistent signal detection over the entire surface area by any near field communication (NFC) enabled device through enhanced antennas. Connect as many labels as needed to cover a large advertising display, panel, poster, or wall, and every point will be completely interactive.

Antenna Designs

Additionally, we offer custom designs on demand.

Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 85 56 Alu A331
76x45 79 48 Alu A265
60x25 75 35 Alu A305
50x50 58 60 Alu A286
47x47 55 56 Alu A421
42x22 48 40 Alu A292
39x39 48 48 Alu 	A255
38x28 48 46 Alu A455
33x15 48 30 Alu A220
25x60 32 64 Alu A306
22.5x38 35 48 Alu A426
15x33 45 45 Alu A296
14.5x14.5 25.4 35 Cu A366
10x20 25.4 35 Cu A354
Dia34 48 48 Alu A422
Dia25 35 34 Alu A365
Dia25 35 35 Cu A363
Dia23 35 35 Alu A458
Dia20 30 35 Cu A385
Dia18 25.4 35 Cu A479
Dia15 25.4 35 Cu A482
Dia12 25.4 35 Cu A410
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
60x15 75 35 Alu A432
9x45 35 60 Alu A408
Dia20 35 34 Alu A341
Dia18 35 34 Alu A362
Dia13 25.4 35 Cu NA
Dia9 20 35 Cu NA
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 79 48 Alu A315
40x40 48 48 Alu A311
40x20 48 46 Alu A320
18x18 35 34 Alu A358
10x17 25.4 35 Cu A451
10x20 25.4 35 Cu A474
Dia34 48 48 Alu A312
Dia25 35 34 Alu A335
Dia20 30 35 Cu A480
Dia18 25.4 35 Cu A481
Dia15 25.4 35 Cu A428
Dia12 25.4 35 Cu A472
Dia9 20 35 Cu A456
Antenna Size
Substrate Width
Antenna Material Antenna Pattern
76x45 80 48 Alu A395
76x45 79 48 Alu A270
38x38 48 48 Alu A242
Dia36 48 48 Alu A260
Dia30 48 48 Alu A252

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