Identiv Global Services

Identiv Global Services provides comprehensive, end-to-end services to support our customers through the entire lifecycle of their enterprise IT and security programs, including mobile, automation, cloud, asset management, monitoring and SP 800-171.

Our closed-loop model provides a superior experience with 24/7 assistance from our team of support and system engineers, “find one, fix many” early access to patches, premier insight into product enhancements, and even a direct line to Identiv Product Management and Engineering.

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Architecture and Design

  • Design for complex enterprise solutions
  • Virtual or cloud
  • Hirsch Velocity Software design, consolidation, and migration
  • SQL, network design, and architecture
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operating systems
  • Reader and cards
  • Custom software and engineering
  • HSPD12, NIST, FISMA, ISO, and C&A

Program Management

  • Resource and scheduling management
  • Install and audit S.O.P.
  • Software and hardware integration testing
  • Maintain testing/development lab
  • Advises on customer additions to both site and project planning
  • Direct line to both operational and support model
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics

Run and Maintain SLA

  • Service management functions
  • Onsite maintenance and support
  • Software patch and upgrades
  • Database maintenance
  • Velocity maintenance
  • System report on health
  • HA/DR testing
  • Integration testing
  • IDTelligence appliance (monitoring)

Support, System, and Software Engineering

  • 24/7 support
  • End-to-end total solution support
  • End-to-end enterprise support
  • Systems engineers perform onsite work
  • Technical support provided by support engineers
  • Software engineers provide integration and product enhancement
  • Custom reporting

Security and Cyber Services

  • Threat mitigation
  • IA controls
  • C&A services
  • Audit services
  • ISO
  • Objective partner review
  • Information security
  • Security program design
  • PEN and physical security testing
  • Partner for protective services

Training and Processes

  • Hirsch Velocity Software
  • Server solution
  • Custom
  • Playbook
  • S.O.P.
  • Partner for corporate and security personnel
  • Streamline systems and processes

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