Achieving Smarter, Safer Medicinal Outcomes with uTrust Sense SyringeCheck

May 21, 2021

Inaccurate medicinal practices incur tremendous costs. The seriousness and extent of medication-related errors around the world is so great, in 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a five-year program to halve the number of incidents leading to severe, avoidable medication-associated harm.   Elderly woman self-injects her medicine On announcing the Global Patient Safety Challenge, the WHO stated such incidents cause at least one death a day and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually in the United States alone.  Globally, in monetary terms, medication errors cost $42 billion, equating to around 1% of total expenditure on healthcare. Medication errors can be caused by health worker fatigue, overcrowding, staff shortages, poor training, and the wrong information being given to patients, among many other reasons. 

Identiv Paves the Way for Smarter Medication

Most people around the world will, at some point in their life, take medicines to prevent or treat an illness. However, if taken incorrectly or monitored insufficiently, many medicines can cause serious harm. That is why we here at Identiv are working to do something about it. 
Our latest innovation now available on the market is uTrust Sense SyringeCheck, a smart injectable dose monitoring device designed to help patients take medication properly. It is the only smart injectable technology available today, and will help clinical trials achieve meaningful results, support insurance companies in providing valuable prescription programs, and make the lives of those receiving and using medication easier.   The near field communication (NFC)-enabled syringe dose monitoring device features a front-end capacitive sensor that measures fill levels, working in combination with a companion app and alarm function to guide patients through correct medication intake and greatly simplify what can often be complex prescription courses. 

Five Key Benefits of uTrust Sense SyringeCheck

  1. Enhanced clinical trial process: Conduct trials in a natural environment (i.e., at home) as opposed to a clinic.
  2. Enhanced clinical trial results: Easily identify non-compliant participants, exclude them from results, and save money with more efficient phase IV studies.
  3. Help for insurance companies: Ensure expensive medication is paid for by insurance firms with easy compliance confirmation.
  4. Simplified prescription plans: Combine reminders and alarms via the app to carefully manage prescription intakes. 
  5. Improved patient outcomes: Assist at-risk patients who need to take medicine but may forget to do so. 

Reducing Complexities and Making Patient Lives Easier

The fact the solution is highly usable, thanks to its tap-and-go sensor read-out, means it is seamlessly compatible with telemedicine and at-home compliance monitoring.  uTrust SafeTemp SyringeCheck Telemedicine Appointment This is an even more important feature in the current context, given how the use of telemedicine and remote consultations increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as hospitals and other healthcare institutions adapted to the current environment.  According to the WHO, the most common problem leading to medication errors is system failures regarding the way in which care is organized and coordinated, especially when multiple different health providers are involved in a patient’s care. 
“An organizational culture that routinely implements best practices and that avoids blame when mistakes are made is the best environment for safe care,” the WHO adds. 
Identiv, through our new uTrust Sense SyringeCheck device, is setting a new standard of best practice when it comes to rolling out prescriptions and conducting clinical trials.  By reducing complexities and making it easier for patients to take medication as it was intended to be taken, the likelihood of costly errors taking place can be significantly reduced.  To learn more about or schedule a demo of Identiv’s uTrust Sense SyringeCheck, contact or +1 888.809.8880.