Minicare BV

Analyzing Blood Precisely, Quickly, and Cost-Effectively

Minicare BV Case Study

Identiv’s Highly Customizable, Affordable RFID Tags Are Simplifying POC Diagnostics

Only Identiv was able to meet the challenging requirements of the Minicare BV point-of-care diagnostics system and take a blood analyzer device from a visionary concept to reality. Additional tag optimizations are planned for the near future and will make cartridge production even more cost-effective.

With Identiv’s transponder design, Minicare BV enables an easier workflow with more reliable test results, cuts laboratory costs, and provides better test outcomes for patients suspected of suffering from cardiac issues.

“Rising healthcare costs and staff shortages were driving the need to improve workflows and increase efficiency in the hospital setting. We needed to see a reduction in patient turnaround time. POC testing provides results at a patient’s bedside during their first interaction with a physician, saving money and invaluable time. By connecting with Identiv, and selecting a highly customized tag from the company’s comprehensive RFID portfolio, the precise functionality of the Minicare POC analyzer device was truly made possible.”
- Anton van der Lugt, Senior Scientist Production Systems, Minicare BV