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  • Government

    • End-to-end FICAM APL solution
    • Secure FIPS 140-2 encryption
    • SCIF, ICD 705, and UL 2050 compliant
    • Desktop smart card readers for network log-in and Windows authentication
    • EMV 2011 and FIPS 201 compliant
    • Supports PIV and CAC card populations
    • RFID asset and document tracking
    • Enterprise scalable
  • Oil and Gas

    • Industrial-grade networkable access control system
    • Emergency muster solutions
    • Visitor and contractor ID and access management
    • Integration with employee database and certification
    • Enterprise scalable, TWIC-compliant
    • Strong authentication to computers, network, mobile and PLC devices
    • UHF and NFC transponders for IoT applications
  • Telecommunications/Utilities

    • Industrial-grade distributed networkable system
    • Remote tower and facility access and security management
    • Visitor and contractor ID and access management
    • Browser interface for enrollment, monitoring, and control from anywhere
    • Strong authentication to computers, network, and mobile devices
    • Strong authentication to industrial controls and SCADA
    • NERC-compliant
  • Education

    • Campus-wide access control solutions
    • Monitor and control entry points at all buildings
    • Instant lock-down or lock-open feature
    • Complete ID badging module
    • Integration with student, employee, and predator databases
    • Support for campus one-card systems
    • RFID library and document solutions
  • Airports

    • Complete ID badging, including visual badge security
    • Support for proximity and secure contactless smart cards
    • FIPS 140-2 encrypted communications
    • ScramblePad for strong dual authentication
    • Jetway Bridge control application
    • Automated FAA and TSA NO-FLY List integration
    • Support for all biometric technologies
    • Manual or automated lock-down and lock-open feature
  • Healthcare

    • Secure access to ER, pharmacy, radiology, maternity, parking, and other areas
    • Integrate with video, infant tag, wandering patient, and other systems
    • Manage and identify visitors
    • Produce high-quality ID badges for staff
    • HIPAA and JHACO compliance tools
    • Track and verify temperature-sensitive items
    • UHF NFC asset and inventory solutions
  • Retail

    • Forensic video search for POS and return transactions
    • Video data to help pinpoint criminal activity
    • Engage customers at specific locations with dwell analytics
    • Traffic analysis with heatmaps, dwell, and demographics
    • Observe and understand areas of interest by traffic density using directional heatmap
    • Queue-line management to reduce abandonment
    • Protect customers, employees, and inventory
  • Banking/Finance

    • Real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigative capabilities
    • Integrated case management for investigations
    • Reduce fraud with facial analytics
    • License plate monitoring (including color/size) at drive-through ATMs
    • Reduce fraud with integrated ATM data and teller transactions


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