Social Responsibility Code

Together, our people, our customers, our communities, and our planet can thrive. Our responsibility is to all of these, because only with all of them can our organization and our mission be successful.


Safety and Health: A safe, healthy, effective workplace is core to our values and our mission. We believe it is every person’s right and our responsibility.

Human Rights: All people regardless of social, religious, racial, national, gender, or other identities deserve equal and respectful treatment.

Education and Empowering Professional Progression: We believe people thrive when they progress educationally, professionally, and in other ways. We bear responsibility to support educational and professional development for all of our people.



Principle: As a matter of principle, we ensure we comply with local laws, regulations, and customer requirements that also support best practices for our environmental footprint.

Materials: The materials we choose to incorporate into our products need to be as environmentally compatible as possible. Extra effort and attention to ensure the least possible environmental impact is our responsibility so our products ultimately reach zero net environmental impact.

Processes: Processes, as well as materials, contribute to environmental impact. We will specify and implement production processes with minimal environmental impact by fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Logistics: Packing and shipping have an impact on our environment. We will always be mindful of logistics choices that minimize environmental impact, while serving our customers’ and local authorities requirements.


Our actions affect the communities in which our people and their families and friends work and live. We will always choose actions and develop programs that support our communities and support our peoples’ activities within their own communities.


Ethical decisions and actions are fundamental to all aspects of our business, including but not limited to relationships, practices, sourcing, and operations.