Partnering with Identiv, MintID has launched the world’s first NFC-protected, IoT-connected gold and silver bullion.

MintID Case Study

Physical Investment. Digital Identity.

In 2014, MintID Founder Corey Maita started looking into NFC for anti-counterfeiting. After scouring the world — first looking for help in Europe and Asia — he found Identiv. By choosing Identiv’s tamper-proof NFC tags, MintID has created an end-to-end product authentication ecosystem that stops counterfeiting, protects consumer confidence, and creates a new secure resale market.

“NFC is the future of anti-counterfeiting.

“Working with Identiv has been a seamless experience. We believe in a connected world; every bullion investment product and collectible should have a digital identity to guarantee the authenticity of each product. By utilizing Identiv’s technology, we have been able to digitally identify, authenticate, and prevent counterfeiting of some of the world’s most valuable items.”
— Corey Maita, MintID, Founder